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Wall Mounted Dip Station inSPORTline RK120

Wall Mounted Dip Station inSPORTline RK120

Brand: inSPORTline

Model: IN 10013

153.00 лв.

Wall Mounted Dip Station inSPORTline RK120 are used for strengthening abs, arms and back. It is made of material highly resistant to mechanical damage and deformation. The construction is reinforced to sustain the weight of 150kg. Wall Mounted Dip Station inSPORTline RK120 mounts to a wall with 6 strong screws with wall plugs, ensuring a safe and secure attachment. To strengthen the whole construction, forearm supports are reinforced with inclined tubes. Contact points – forearms and back – are equipped with soft foam cushion, which provide comfort and protection from bruises and calluses. For maximum effectivity of your exercise these dip bars feature 4 handles with practical rubber non-slip grips. Wall Mounted Dip Station inSPORTline RK120 are perfect for everyone interested in bodyweight training and strengthening arms, abs and back. This station is suitable for home use.

Technical description:

  • 4 rubber coated handles
  • Comfortable foam cushion for back and forearms
  • 6 strong screws with wall plugs
  • Strong construction
  • Dimensions: H46 x W66 x L66cm
  • Dip bar spacing: 53.5cm
  • Length of handles: 11.5cm
  • Back cushion: 31x25cm
  • Forearm cushion: 30x14cm
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Weight capacity: 150kg
  • Suitable for home use and all age categories

153.00 лв.
Wall mount, weight limit: 150kg, 4 handles with rubber grips, comfortable cushion for hand..
Snow grabbers - VERIGA City track, Black

Snow grabbers - VERIGA City track, Black

Brand: Veriga

Model: T100006

27.00 лв.
  • Special shoe grips for grip on ice, snow, sand and wet grass
  • Special spike sistem for secure grip on ice, snow, sand and wet grass
  • Elastic: Easy to put on ever shoes or boots
  • Sizes - M (36-41), L (39-46)
Fitness Wristband inSPORTline Ego

Fitness Wristband inSPORTline Ego

Brand: inSPORTline

Model: IN 10889

127.00 лв.

Fitness Wristband inSPORTline Ego is a multifunction activity tracker, which represents a pedometer and sporttester combination. This makes it perfect for building your fitness and active life style. Small yet easy-to-read backlit display shows information about the current number of steps, heart rate, exercise time, distance etc. To motivate yourself, you can set the desired number of steps or other goal parameter, which will count down from the preset value in percentages on the display. This device also allows to monitor the quality of your sleep. Single button operation only adds to the comfort of use. Fitness Wristband inSPORTline Ego can synchronize with smartphones via Smart-iMovement application by means of Bluetooth technology.

Technical description:

  • Backlit LCD display
  • Measuring distance, steps, calories and heart rate
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Simple operation via single button
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Compatible mobile Smart-iMovement app records and analyzes distance, stride frequency, burned calories, distance etc.
  • Mobile OS support: Android 4.3 and above / iOS 7.0 and above
  • Friends Share function
  • Anti-Lost function (app function, wristband starts to vibrate)
  • Find My Phone function (via mobile phone alarm)
  • Modes: pedometer (steps count, distance, calories), HRM (heart rate monitor), RTC (clock, current time), target parameter countdown (unit: %)
  • Battery: Li-Ion 60mAh
  • Battery life: 10 days in pedometer mode
  • Charging time: approx. 90 min
  • Dimensions: L142-194mm x W21.68mm x H11.9mm
  • Weight: approx.. 21g
  • USB charging cable in package

127.00 лв.
Multifunction activity tracker combining pedometer and sporttester functions  ..
Wax for genuine letther  STORM - neutral 100 ml.

Wax for genuine letther STORM - neutral 100 ml.

Brand: Storm

Model: T140125

8.00 лв.

AB Trainer inSPORTline Ab Lifter Easy

AB Trainer inSPORTline Ab Lifter Easy

Brand: inSPORTline

Model: IN 10505

197.00 лв.

AB Trainer inSPORTline Ab Lifter Easy is a trainer perfect not only for ab workout, but also for strengthening the muscles of arms, thighs and buttocks. AB Trainer inSPORTline Ab Lifter Easy works the same muscle groups as planches (known from yoga) and sit-ups. The exercise is based on a dynamic movement on an incline board, using your own bodyweight as resistance. After resting the knees on foam rollers and gripping the handles, you should lift the lower part of body into an arch position. This forces you to perform reverse crunches under the set angle and involve your whole body into the exercise. 5 minutes of exercise a day are sufficient to see the results fast.

The construction is made of durable steel material with 27mm thick frame, which ensures great stability and high weight capacity. AB Trainer inSPORTline Ab Lifter Easy is equipped with easy-to-use computer, which displays all important data such as time, count, reps/minute and calories. Other features are 4 levels of resistance adjustment, soft foam rollers, non-slip handles and folding mechanism, due to which the trainer can be easily stored e.g. behind the closet or under the bed. All these features make AB Trainer inSPORTline Ab Lifter Easy a highly popular machine for body shaping, especially ab workout.

Technical description:

  • Effective trainer of ab muscles
  • Stable steel construction
  • Special surface treatment with high durability
  • Frame strength: 27mm
  • 4 levels of resistance (easy, medium, hard, extreme)
  • LED computer
  • Computer functions: time, count, calories, reps/min
  • Non-slip grips
  • Soft foam rollers
  • Non-slip legs
  • Folding mechanism
  • Foam roller diameter: 75mm
  • Dimensions: L148 x W55 x H35cm (resistance level: easy)
  • Folded dimensions: L130 x W55 x H17cm
  • Weight limit: 100kg
  • Weight: 8.5kg

197.00 лв.
Combination of plank and sit-up exercise, 4 levels of intensity, high exercise effectivi..
Headlamp VANGO Corvus DUO

Headlamp VANGO Corvus DUO

Brand: Vango

Model: V040536

59.00 лв.